The Power of Mindfulness - Connecting with Nature

Hi I’m Frith, empowering individuals is my passion. With extensive experience and qualifications in coaching, counseling, massage, and holistic healing, I’m here to help you discover your inner strength. I’ve overcome life’s challenges, including cancer and now I’m here to support you, in transforming your mindset. Let’s reframe your beliefs and find your true potential together. Book a free consultation today.

Welcome to our Coaching world


15 years ago I decided it was time to go and study coaching, it was a fascinating course and alongside the traditional counseling and massage I’d studied, it created a great base to work from. However the best experience and the main reason why I chose to head down this road, was because of the life experience the universe chose to send me and how I found my power in the process.

Why Am I so Passionate about Coaching?

I am passionate about coaching because I firmly believe everyone has it in them to heal themselves. Everyone is unique and each person I talk to will require a slightly different approach.
The one aspect that remains the same though, is that the client leads the way and with support discovers the strategy that is right for them.
It is not appropriate for me to presume, how they feel or what is right for them. All I can do is provide them with the tools and a variety of modalities to create a safe space, for them to explore their thoughts and set goals that take them out of their comfort zone, but not so much that it stops them from doing it altogether. Remember in order to succeed, you must believe you can achieve.

"Wellness is not a ‘medical-fix’ but a way of living. A lifestyle sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of the body, mind and spirit – an approach to life we each design to achieve our highest potential for well-being now and forever."– Greg Anderson

The Power of Combining Massage and Mindfulness to Heal

Combining massage and mindfulness creates a powerful synergy for healing and overall well-being. Massage therapy involves the physical manipulation of muscles and tissues to release tension and promote relaxation. Mindfulness on the other hand, is a mental practice that cultivates awareness and presence in the moment. When these two approaches are combined, they offer a holistic approach to healing that addresses both the physical and mental aspects of well-being.

The integration of massage and mindfulness creates a powerful approach to healing, that fosters a deep connection between the body and mind. This holistic combination offers numerous benefits, ranging from stress reduction to emotional healing, making it a valuable tool in the journey toward health and well-being.

The Power of Breath Work

Most of us hopefully are able to breathe without difficulty; it is an involuntary action that most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. But what if I told you, the breathing you’re doing had room for improvement? Many of us take shallow chest breath, (vertical breathing) as opposed to diaphragmatic breathing (horizontal breathing).

When you take a shallow breath the diaphragm contracts and the oxygen doesn’t reach the bottom of your lungs, (which is the area where the blood vessels that deliver oxygen to the cells live.) When you take slow deep breaths (breathing down into your stomach), your lungs are able to expand fully, allowing blood cells to carry the oxygen to where it needs to be, resulting in a calmer mind and muscles that are more relaxed, making it not only easier to massage the areas of pain, but removing subconscious tension, that is often a large factor behind the pain the individual is feeling.

I’m your dedicated Wellbeing Practitioner

Frith is a passionate and experienced empowerment coach, drawing from a rich background in counselling, coaching, massage and holistic healing. Her holistic approach blends meditation, visualization, and along with traditional techniques, aiming to uncover the root causes of behaviors and feelings. Having faced and conquered personal challenges, including a breast cancer diagnosis, Frith empowers clients to transform their mindsets and embrace self-worth.

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Numbers Speak

Read what clients have to say about their experience with Frith’s coaching and holistic healing. These reviews reflect the real impact of her approach on personal growth, mindset transformation, and the journey towards empowerment.

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Who will benefit most from my approach

The beauty of my approach is works in so many areas of life, as it looks at the mind as well as the body.
While a lot of my clients have opted to receive the massage element as well as the wellness coaching, the massage is not an integral part of the treatment. Those who are open to alternative approaches, will gain a lot from learning, how to be kinder to themselves and have faith in their ability to accomplish the goals, that they were previously too afraid to set. However, I have two areas that are very close to my heart. Empowering people through illness and supporting individuals who have experienced domestic violence.
Having lived most of my life with epilepsy and gone through breast cancer treatment the last couple of years, I am very passionate about helping people face illness head on and ‘live beyond their label.’

So the question is: are you ready to heal?

Coaching is not a one-trick wonder, you can't turn up for one session and expect your problems to be resolved.
Complex trauma and limiting beliefs don't work that way.
As I've stated a few times, you are the person who leads the way, I can guide you, I can hold your hand and I can provide a safe space for you to explore your emotions and set goals, but I cannot do it for you.

Empowering Through Coaching

Just like a fitness coach cannot make you fitter, but can teach you safe methods and give useful suggestions to achieve your goals IF you act on their direction, so to can you achieve similar accomplishments with wellness coaching.
The only difference is I help with your emotional fitness.
In order to break old assumptions and create new paradigms you must understand that there will be times where your mental stamina will be pushed to its limits and at times have you questioning your strength and determination to break the cycle.
But if you want it enough and are willing to put everything into it, understand I am here to help you on your journey of discovery and watch you grow into the empowered individual you aspire to become.
I know you can and soon you will know you can too and won't ever question your inner strength and resilience again, as you stride forward and never look back!!
You've got this, now when we going to start?

Are You Truly Mindful?

When did you spend an hour a day being mindful and do you know what simple pleasures in life make you smile?


Finding Joy in Simple Things

I'm naturally very mindful of my surroundings and for a considerable amount of time, I have had the ability to find heart shapes everywhere, from clouds to stones and even on my cats neck, (which never fails to make me smile.)
What are you magnetically drawn to and does it make you smile?
Try being mindful for just 10 minutes a day, what do you hear, what birds can you see and what did you notice today that you didn't see yesterday.
It's important to give your brain a break from the daily stressors in life.
Give this simple task a try and discover the small things in life that make you happy, you've got this!!!

Unwinding is such a very important part of life, we’re flooded with information every second of the waking day, make sure at the end of each day you haven’t given every bit of energy away, looking after yourself is essential to maintaining a healthy balanced mind and body.

It is no surprise at why art and writing is such a popular method to explore trauma, the subconscious mind brings up emotions that are sometimes too much to address directly.
By expressing emotions through art or writing, the conscious mind is able to unravel complex thoughts that would otherwise be too overwhelming to approach using the ‘wheel of life’. This is a very useful tool, used by various people in the coaching industry and can be instrumental in supporting individuals to map out struggles and gain a better awareness of where the trauma stems from.

When individuals are living with complex trauma, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint where the emotions are coming from, a misunderstood belief is the notion that you cannot take on other people’s trauma. This is wrong.

If you see someone experiencing suffering in an area of their life and spend enough time with them hearing them relive their experience, there is a possibility that you to will start to feel the pain and anguish they are feeling too, the term they use for this is vicarious trauma. I have worked a substantial number of years with people who live with complex trauma and have seen and experienced the impact it has on others, especially those who are sensitive to the emotions of others.

Self-Image and Positivity

See we find it all to easy to be self deprecating and overly critcise ourselves, however when illness forces you to change parts of yourself, I can say from personal experience that what you longed to change, you suddenly wish you could keep.
Attraction is a very subjective concept and many of the ideas of how we should be, are stemmed from projection either by media or the insecurities of others. One of the most beautiful attributes in someone is confidence and kindness. A smile can transform a person and bring them a joy that lingers.
Everything in the universe is energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another.
Next time you’re feeling like you want to say something to yourself or someone else that will only serve to exacerbate the situation, think of how you can reframe it and make it positive.
People say, ‘I’m stubborn.’ I tell them, ‘I’m tenacious.’ I've also been accused of being 'too sensitive.' I disagree and would say, ‘I’m intuitive.’ If you don’t want a reaction, don’t be provocative.

Kind words from lovely clients


Frith put me at ease from the first moment. She used her knowledge and skills to alleviate my symptoms. I found a really well rounded, well spoken, and well educated therapist. I enjoyed mature conversation and unique insights into holistic treatments. My pain had melted away and my tension was released once the treatment was over. I would go out of my way to recommend Frith


Frith was very welcoming and quick to make me feel comfortable. She approaches the treatment from all angles and is very knowledgable about her craft. As well as the massage which was excellent, she did some crystal and breathing work which I wasn't expecting and loved. I'd encourage people to go in with an open mind and you'll really benefit. I felt brilliant by the time I came out and will be booking again


Had an amazing massage with Frith. She is a fantastic therapist, I loved the crystals and meditation, and Frith genuinely cares about your wellbeing. Left feeling so much more relaxed. I highly recommend Frith!


The treatment room is a calming space and Frith immediately made me feel at ease welcoming me into the space & explaining the difference between Swedish and Chakra massage. I didn't feel rushed and was able to change slowly and get comfortable. I had a chakra massage which included Swedish massage and the use of crystals, breathing techniques and some short guided meditations. My tight neck and shoulders felt lighter and the anxiety I've been feeling lessened.


Mental Health Support/ Coaching/ Guidance and Transformation for those in need from a young age is vital to society now more than ever. You are a voice to be heard and I've never known anyone ever in my lifetime of needs who could offer alternative views so succinctly and ultimately effectively.


I won't be able to come for sessions anymore but I feel you have given me invaluable Tools.


I have used taming your inner dragon for a number of years now and the thing that sets them apart is Frith, and the peaceful and soothing ambience she has created. The service is head and shoulders above the anonymous and bland approach of hotel spas. You are made warmly welcome and the quality of treatment is excellent. It is nice to get kind and professional service that does not treat you like another entry to the balance sheet.


Frith is simply amazing at what she does, no one else comes close to comparing. Would more than highly recommend to anyone.


Great experience, explained everything and made me feel very relax. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to escape from this busy world and unwind.


Frith was so caring & attentive. She was really generous with her time & insights. I felt like she wanted to give me a really special treatment with space & support to have deep insights as well as a fantastic massage. I came away feeling much lighter on all levels.


Frith welcomed me into her space and made me comfortable straight away. She explained how the session would go which I found helpful, as this was new type of massage for me. The time flew by, and I felt so much better when I left. And slept really well that night. Thank you


It was a pleasure meeting Frith and she put my mind at ease and explained fully what she would be doing. Frith was so friendly and interesting to chat to and was very empathic and understanding. The massage felt wonderful and Firth paid attention to detail in all areas. It was a lovely calming atmosphere and I felt refreshed upon leaving.


Frith was very welcoming and polite from the start to finish, and the massage was nothing short of great.


Amazing massage and intelligent conversation. Took time to explain what options there were and what was going to happen, and made me feel really relaxed and at ease. Not your usual sterile environment but homely and comfortable. Coupled with intelligent philosophical conversation in a light hearted environment. I haven't laughed whilst having a massage before! Thanks! I'll be back.


Frith is a very engaging young lady. I enjoyed every minute of my time with her and looking forward to seeing her again.

Mike Jarvis

Frith was recommended to me by a friend during a period of excoriating back pain and after much convincing (I usually rely solely on pain meds) I decided to have an appointment, the treatment was excellent. Frith was professional and courteous at all times and the treatment left my posture improved and my pain was totally gone! I would recommend Frith to anyone in a similar situation as me! 10/10! I have returned a few times since to stop the issues building up again. I cannot recommend enough!


I had a great massage with Frith - she was a very calming presence and although I hadn't considered it before, she suggested doing some mediation and visualisation to add to my experience. It was really great and much needed. Really lovely person and I'll be back.


A very relaxing therapy with an extremely professional and friendly therapist. A lovely person and so easy to chat to. It was obvious that Frith puts the client first and genuinely wants to give the best treatment to her client.