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About Myself

I hold a Diploma in Coaching from The Coaching Academy and have completed a 3-month spiritual course in Breathwork under the guidance of Master Sri Akashana. In addition, I've achieved a Level 3 Massage certification and a Diploma in Crystal Healing. My commitment to professional growth and the well-being of my clients is unwavering, and I continually seek opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills.

Coaching Approach

Frith's coaching approach is holistic and integrative, blending meditation, visualization, and affirmations with traditional practices. She helps individuals explore the root causes of their feelings and behaviors through techniques such as writing, mind mapping, and reframing deeply ingrained belief systems. Frith's own experiences have driven her to support her clients in achieving their authentic selves.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite a challenging journey marked by early brain damage and epilepsy, Frith defied expectations and excelled academically.
She thrives on continuous learning, knowing it has shaped her into the person she aspired to become.
At 40, she faced a Grade 2 Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis, leading to chemotherapy, surgery and breast reconstruction.
Through determination, positivity and support, she transformed her cancer experience into a story of empowerment and self-worth.

Evidence of Insurance

We are fully licensed and insured for all the services we offer. This is for your security and trust in our business.
We want our clients to be confident and assured that the company is prepared to handle any unforeseen events.
We have liability coverage, ensuring protection of the business and clients.

The Power of Shared Experience

Frith's personal struggles have made her a relatable and empathetic coach.
Many clients find it easier to open up about their own challenges when they know she has walked a similar path.
As someone who understands the impact of cancer, she's a valuable resource for those seeking guidance and support in navigating their own difficulties.

Embracing Positivity

Frith encourages a positive outlook on life, prompting clients to consider whether they view the glass as half full or half empty.
She helps individuals reevaluate their careers, relationships and self-worth. Through a free 30-minute consultation, Frith aims to empower clients to reframe their mindsets and confidently proclaim, 'I AM CAPABLE, I AM STRONG, I AM WORTH IT and I AM ENOUGH!'